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Great/useful health app

Keeps all my health records directly from UH hospitals for easy access. Also ties into Apples health data

Wonderful App-Easy to use

This app is great to help you keep track of your health. It reminds about appointments and medication refills are easy too.

Love it

Love this app. Its so organized and simple and I love that I can always have access to my medical information. Theyre always so good at updating it pretty quickly too. 10/10 would recommend.

Great App

This app lets you get information and communicate with your physicians office whenever you have time. So much better than placing a phone call and waiting for a response. You can access reports easily in case you are seeing a specialist.

So handy

This app really makes it easier managing medications. When on the road, the use it offers makes for a lot less hassle.

Great app!

Easy to follow important health information on the go.

First time user

Its my first time getting on the app and so far its really great! I love having all of that information in one place.

Great App

I am using this application to keep track of my Moms progress as she battles cancer


Using this app has helped me to stay updated on Appts, diagnoses, test results, etc.


Im fairly new to the app but Im enjoying it so far.

Good Application that is getting better

This app helps me keep track of the blizzard of information associated with health care and with supporting a spouse as well. It can be glitchy at times with some communications delayed, but technical support is available. Great for communicating with your provider and getting an answer to that, "one question," you may need to ask that doesnt require a new visit. It helps you feel connected to your health care.


Im so glad I downloaded this app!

Love This App!

How great is it that you can coordinate all your appointments on one app?! Love it!

Useful !

Very useful app !

Easy way to communicate with doctor

This app makes it easy to get results, reports, and communicate with doctor and staff

Very Helpful

Great app to connect with your providers. Takes away the hassle of making phone calls for very little thing.

Annoying Login

I like the features of the app, but every time I log on, it shows me an error page and I have to try again. Sometimes I have to try 4-5 times and sometimes it doesnt let me log in at all.

Love Everything About Dr. Lising

Best Medical Group and love the convenience of the app

Superb app

This app is the best conduit to my personal physician, and it is extra helpful for managing prescriptions, channeling info to your doctor, dealing with appointments and generally staying on top of your health and well-being. I am a bit Scrooge-like with space on my phone, but this one app is well worth having, and if your doctor uses it, I recommend it highly.


Helps me remember my appointments

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