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Love this app

Very easy to use and maneuver through:)

Good Med Ap

I really enjoy having this app, I can look up my previous medical information from anywhere in a pinch.

Great app

I love using follow my health its great it helps me manage myself and my childrens health records request appointments and refills on prescriptions. Convenient easy and very very helpful

Love it!

I love this app. I was able to see my results before the doctor even called.


Finally a complete app for accessing my labs and dealing with signing in and paying fees....AT HOME!

Great App!

So easy to use!

Awesome App

Easy to use and all important info is right at your fingertips!

New User

This site is phenomenal. User friendly, and everything health wise at your finger tips. Five stars!


This is a super convenient app, I love it! I can never miss an appointment because it reminds you about them, it sends you emails, you can read your medical documents, and it very simple to use. I would recommend getting this app.

Works well

For a long time loved this app. Ive been able to make and cancel appointments. View lab and test results and communicate directly with my doctor. The only reason I didnt give five stars was the recent update caused a few bugs, like being locked out, having to start over and loose all my records. My doctor said they can be recovered. The app is back work well. Not sure what happened! But I like it again.

Easy App to Use

I have been very pleased with this Healthcare app. It has all my healthcare information I need and I can easily communicate with my physician. The only negative thing would be is that I have to log in more than once on several occasions it gives me an error almost every time. Please get this issue resolved. tkastelic

Very useful application

This application is for useful for staying on top of the results of your doctors and hospital visits. It is also useful should you have to see a physician other than your normal one.

Great app

This app is genius!

Its OK

It fairly decent and basic. Could be more intuitive. Also needs a way for me as a patient to suggest changes or updates on the medical record. Would be most helpful if it included a financial accounts interface or at least direct links.

Very cool app

I love the accessibility of all of my health records in one app. Meds , lab results, previous appts. I can email my Dr directly. Ask for refills and schedule appointments. Its pretty cool.

Great to have all health in one

Pretty simple and easy to use.

Love this app

I love the access to my information. This has not been available before. It helps me be proactive instead of just reactive in managing my health issues. I much prefer to be actively engaged.

Very helpful!

Makes it easy to access my records and make contact with my doctors.


Great access without waiting for fed to call back or to review etc

A breeze

Makes keeping up with appointments much easier

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