FollowMyHealth® App Bewertungen

Great App!!

Great since update.

Love it!

I love that I can get results that I can’t always get at the appointments.


I love the app to gain access to Signature Healthcare medical record and miscellaneous things.


Love that I have see my health record update, check emails from doctor as well as check my appointment calendar.

Great app for me to be reminded of my appointments

Great app

Fails to work

Repeated attempts to open application after signing on - all failed.

Everything is in one place.

It seems to work very well so far.

Great App

Love this App.. get clear and detailed information and share it with medical team. I love the ability to document and write about these issues.

Love it!

I love to see everything that is going on with me. I hate when Drs hide your information from you. I like that I know my blood results before I see the doctor, so we can be on the same page.

This app is very helpful

Very useful app! I used it recently to request a refill on a prescription and the NP responded very quickly.

All my stats

I am able to access all my bloodwork, appointments, bills, and everything all in one app! Love it!!


Works good. Very convenient to use,

Great App!!

Best app ever!! Info and contact with my Dr. quick and easy!!

Very helpful

It’s great to have most of your health history, current labs, and appointments at your fingertips. I use this often. Thank you


Easy way to communicate with your doctor and view your appointments.

Awsome app

Thanks for providing quality service to the community.

Great app!!

Great app for keeping track of health.


I use Follow My Health and love it! The feature that I like the most is the ability to send and receive messages with my doctor or nurse practitioner, this is wonderful as I do not have to have the time to be on hold with their busy office, or play phone tag trying to receive my reply. The app also allows me to provide information to other doctors if they have a question about test results from other doctors, reminds me when I need to schedule an appointment, when my last appointment was, and much much more.

Site is worthless

What a pain. Can’t even send a complaint

Excellent communication

This is a great tool to communicate with my general practitioner.

Love it

This is a great app I love it all the information I need is right there no having to go get records or wait for them to be sent. Can even message the Doctor.

Great service!

It is priceless to be able to log in anytime to check messages from my doctor and lab results and prescriptions. The app is so easy to use and keeps me in charge of my health.

Great app and user friendly

This is a great app and it helps me stay in touch with my doctors

User friendly

Very easy to use.

Great med app

I luv this app. I can see what I owe n all.

Worth Keeping!

Not up to date on appointments but a great resource for any other questions or recapping of vaccinations and medications, etc.


I love this. I can see my test results fast ,and I don’t have to bother my Dr.

Please Bring back Tmg4me

Oh my after 1 hour on the phone for customer support then download the apps then login crash crash crash ssl cert in danger not secured then nothing that you can see just blank worst nightmare for online just bring back TMG4me

Love this app

Great response and way to communicate with my Dr and have my chart and history

Awesome way to keep informed

This has been the greatest help in understanding what is going on with my medical conditions. It is updated quickly after Dr. visits. Can even renew Rx on the site. Big thumbs up UHMC !!

FMH is useful.

Easy to use. Easier than the web page.

Edna M. Rodriguez, Ed.D, LMHC, NCC

Excellent resource to see my health results. Easy to navigate and to find information. I love the education link to read about my health conditions and recommendations to get a healthier lifestyle. If you have this app, other health professionals can see your results if it is necessary and you want to do it. Very useful for non-English speakers who need to sharing their health information.

Great way to stay in touch with my doctor

App is easy to navigate. I have recently been using it to stay in touch with my doctor regarding an upcoming surgery.

Very good

App is very useful

Love this app!

Super informative


Finally I can have all my health records on hand

Best health communication tool

Love receiving real-time updates about my health and diagnosis.

Great App

Easy to see your appointments and results

Awesome app

I really like this app. It works flawlessly and I can get in touch with my doctor right away. Works way better than trying to reach her over the phone, leaving messages with the receptionist etc. I am very happy with this.

Super convenient

Great app. Makes things so much easier.

Easy to use

Easy to use with fair amount of detail. I only wish I could see things like x-rays and other imaging online.


The fastest way to check & maintain a record of my health is this wonderful mobile app!

Good App

Good App


Very easy to use


Does not work at all!! Scheduled 3 appointments and it never showed up on my upcoming appointments tab. This app worked great 1 year ago.. but now, it's a piece of crap! Worst part about it is, even if I try to go to the full site app on my phone, it still directs me to the mobile app!! Ugh!! I just want to set up a physical appointment for my son!! Have been with sharp for 35 years now, but PLEASE!! SOMEONE REVAMP THIS APP SO THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! so frustrating!!!!

Good app except

The app is a bit busy and it always says I have a balance due when I don’t. Come on folks you can do better than that


Love it.


Have tried using this app and the site multiple times, as my doc always encourages me to do so. But it always asks me to register my health care provider, yet can never find it. Really, you can’t find a St. Joseph hospital or its nearby clinic in Southern California? For many of us who are trying to stay in touch with our physicians and be more intentional about health issues, this app/site does nothing for us. Please fix it or scrap it altogether.

Very comprehensive information. IOnly like reading my doctors notes. thing

I like reading the doctors notes. Only thing I would like to see added is an Rx refill schedule.

My care

My doctor. dr Abraham is an exceptional doctor.

Sharp Reese Stealy

Not only do they provide excellent health care but their App is easy to use and understand.

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